A Writer’s Life

What am I working on?

I’m currently working on my second collection of short stories, In Margate by Lunchtime. Set on the Isle of Thanet, the  East Coast of Kent which runs alongside the English Channel, the stories begin with a nod to the past of Romans, traders and Vikings pillaging, to hoys, steamships, and smugglers, then to more contemporary tales of dancing divas, tourists, mermaids on scooters and ballet mummies. Supported by Arts Council England, the stories follow my first collection Canterbury Tales on a Cockcrow Morning, published by Cultured Llama Press.

How does my work differ from others in the genre?

Every writer has their own voice. Mine comes from a Caribbean background, a love of Literature, several years of living in Kent, and being a poetry performer. The stories are informed by my interest in history, a knowledge of the location, and an appreciation of cultural infusion. Thanet has always been a place of journeyers, people passing through, some settling like me. As a poet I have an eye for detail and turning to prose has loosened my tongue and allowed me a wider field to play in.

Why do I write?

I write because I have a passion for language and communication. To share worlds, to tell stories informed by experience and culture and explore other perspectives. I write because it is as natural to me as breathing, offers me solace when I need it, is a means of expression and an opportunity to highlight what I think is important. It is a way to reach across boundaries and offer an insight into seeing and being.

How does my process of writing work?

Mornings are best for me, Most weekdays I dedicate to writing until about 12. When it’s cold I write in bed on my laptop! I do have a tendency to get distracted, by reading, and by Facebook!


Thanks to Jackie Biggs for inviting me on this Blog Tour.

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