You shouldn’t have died like that. Hounded like a thief through the cold remorseless landscape of Borth, hiding under caravans, instead of roaming forests and steppes, your beautiful eyes golden in the dark. What were you dreaming of, beneath the false carapace of a caravan, those pseudo tin-can homes which house the dreams of those…

Upcoming Events: Writing on Water

This coming Thursday I’ll be reading from Writing on Water at First Thursday, Chapter Arts Centre, in Cardiff. It’ s been a while since I’ve been to Cardiff! But I’m exchanging the singing of the birds and the whistling in the trees, not forgetting the ripple of the stream in West Wales where I live,…


A short story about a night on the town that takes an odd turn.

Launch of Turning Words

Maggie, with several other poets, have formed Turning Words alongside the Turner Contemporary.